Warm Up Columbus Race Report

March 15, 2017 /
Updated Mar 2, 2020

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Location: Dublin, Ohio
Date: Sunday, February 19, 2017
Distances: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, 5k, Full/Half Relays
People: 613
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This was my second year at Warm Up Columbus (previously named Warm Up for Boston). The course is a one mile loop ran repeatively until you hit the distance you signed up for. Last year I ran the 10k. I'm 99% sure I ran one too many laps because my results didn't match what I remembered the clock saying when I crossed the finish line. I also did not own a GPS watch. Considering I couldn't even count to 6, I thought it'd be a good idea to shoot for 26 this year.

The course was only 2 miles from my house and I remembered parking was slightly challenging the prior year so I decided just to hit 50k for the day by running there/back. The prior weekend I had ran the Rocks and Roots 50k. I was way too cocky going into this run thinking my body was recovered from the slushy deep mud I ran in the week before. The time limit for the course was a bit quick at 5 hours, but I figured it was likely that I'd make it.

The run to the start felt good. I convinced myself that maybe I should try and race this. I started at a pace that would bring me in around 3:45-4:00.

Warm Up Columbus Start

I brought my GPS watch, but the race directors warned runners in advance that this would be off. Likely because of all of the weaving you had to do with the sheer number of runners out on the course. The race directors advised for you to bring someone to count your laps from you. I considered it, but as the race got closer I settled for bringing a sharpie and my waist pack instead. I put tallys on my arm every time I crossed the timing mat. As I got tired later in the race I had to concentrate and triple check myself that I had marked it.

At about 10 miles in my legs started dying. The race through heavy mud caught up to me and my legs felt like bricks. The change was so sudden that I thought I might be able to push through it. Maybe it was one of those temporary walls? I tried to hang on to my pace for a few more miles but at the halfway point it was becoming apparent that today would be a struggle.

Warm Up Columbus near timing mat

Instead of harping, I recognized that this was now a mental game and tried to enjoy it. More and more half marathoners were finishing up and the course was clearing out. The clouds blew over and the sun came out. High 50s for February in Ohio is nothing I could complain about. (Insert snarky comment about "how unseasonably warm weather and great trail conditions only come before and/or after the Rocks and Roots Races but everything is always miserable on race day" here.)

The second half of the race my lap times slipped further and further. The good news is that this was a training run for miles, not pace. I overestimated how beat I was from the prior race as my feet started to hurt and feel strained. Carrying mud bricks on my feet for 50k the prior weekend had done a number on me. My feet ached all over and with each stride the pressure from my shoes pushing against them was causing agony.

Warm Up Columbus Race Photo

I seriously under-iced my feet the prior week. I lectured myself about not focusing enough on recovery.

BUT I finished. Far from a PR, but not shabby either. My effort earned me 10th female in the marathon, which I got a sweet mug for.

Final Time: 4:12:03

The best part was surprise pizza waiting in the hotel after the race for runners! I sat and elevated my legs, realizing that I still had 2 more miles to get home.

Now that I've got a looped marathon in I've set my eyes on the ONU Indoor Marathon next year. Spots are limited so TBD on if I actually make it in or not.

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Warm Up Columbus Shirt, Medal, Mug, Bib

Viira wanted to be included too.

Warm Up Columbus Viira

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