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I am 25 years old with a Masters in Finance. My free time consists of hanging out with my dog, running, cooking/eating, reading, etc.

This blog will highlight my inner rambles. My dog is not yet fluent in English and my non-runner friends are (probably) already annoyed with the occasional running related post on Facebook. Therefore, until the day comes when Viira can speak fluent English I’ll just post here. I think you’ll be stuck with me for a while.

I started running the summer before I went to college after deciding to join a running club. I figured it’d be a low cost way to make some new friends and try to become fit after giving up sports in high school. Over the summer I would drive to Antrim Park, a local 1.2 mile dirt trail around a lake, and try to complete three laps. That summer was mostly spent walk/running those loops and I eventually worked up to being able to run 3.6 miles non-stop.

When I got to school and started showing up to club runs it was awful. They would average 5+ miles a day 4-5 days a week. For the first few weeks I was running (and walking) in the back with other people who were in no shape to be running 5+ miles at 5-6pm in the Arizona heat. After a few weeks, I was running the whole way but all of my “back of the pack” running buddies had gotten discouraged and were no longer showing up to club runs. I had to run with what was the “new” back, probably a 9:30-10 minute pace. I showed up to runs and struggled to keep up; however, I couldn’t drop back because I had no idea how to get back to campus. I’d get home and feel sore all over. I’d ice everything and spend the remainder of the night just laying in bed. My ankles hurt and I would wear ankle braces to class. After the first few weeks, long runs were added on Thursday nights as the club was training for a half marathon. I had no intention of EVER running a half marathon until my friend Ariel pointed out to me that I should just sign up with everyone else because I had already put in the training. I was clueless enough about running to not realize that I had put in all the training necessary to run a half.

Looking back I truly have no idea how or why I kept showing up to runs. Even after I completed my first half (which was miserable by the way…), Ariel somehow continued to convince me to sign up for future halfs. At some point towards the end of my first year training I must have started to think running was remotely enjoyable.

My ultimate goal is to inspire others to reach for more. Not only physically, but also mentally, socially, and in all aspects of life. I'm not special. I'm an average person setting newer and greater goals for myself everyday. I triumph. Occasionally too, I fail.