Run Like A Girl 10 Miler Race Report

January 11, 2018 /
Updated Mar 2, 2020

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Location: Genoa Park, Columbus, Ohio
Date: Saturday, October 30th, 2017
Distances: 10 Mile, 10k, 5k
People: 1,752
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This race had been on my to-do list for almost 2 years. I knew that this year was the year to try it after seeing the race shirt posted to Facebook.

The race shirt was just too cool to pass up.

In the past the race had a half marathon option but this was shortened to a 10 miler. So now the race had a 5k, 10k, and 10 mile. I knew I would do the longest distance option available but the shorter 5k was tempting.

Race day morning it was pretty cold for late September. I shivered a bit walking from the car and waiting in line for the bathroom. The sun was shining and it felt much warmer out of the shade. I waited by the start. They organized runners by expected pace, and all the distances started together. I tried to stay back a bit knowing that the people closest to the front were more likely to be running a shorter distance.

Run Like a Girl Columbus Race Start 2017

The course consisted of a short loop to start for the 5k. At about mile 2 the 5k runners veered off towards the finish line. The 10k and 10 mile runners headed towards the Olentangy Trail. The rest of the course was primarily on a paved bike path and off roads. The Olentangy Trail always seems a bit hillier than the rest of Columbus. I tried to conserve energy knowing that I still had over half the race to go.

I was running side by side another running for a couple miles who happened to have the same pace as me. It was great because if I started dropping my pace I’d notice her inching ahead of me. She kept me focused. The 10k runners turned to cross over the river while the 10 mile runners kept going straight. I was so ready to be done with this race. My pace felt hard but even worse, I was losing my patience. With a wondering mind I was ready to be done.

Finally there the last bridge appeared and was followed by a nice downhill. I saw the 10 mile leader coming at me and knew that the turnaround point was close. After that was only 3-4 miles left. I got excited and started to push the pace up the hill, but soon had to slow myself down as my breathing became too heavy to sustain for more 3 miles.

The last few miles flew by as there were plenty of runners from the out and back stretch. As I got closer I was now crossing the river passing 10k runners. I knew that the path coming back into the finish included a big hill. Looking up across the river I could see the 'finish on the mount'. Just had to finish a wrap around to get there. Once closer I began to sprint but the hill made my efforts feel in vain.

Final Time: 1:18:30.5

At the finish I walked around getting tons of free food, samples, and picking up my free wine. You needed your I.D. to pick up the wine which is something I ALWAYS forget to run with in races that include free alcohol. I wish races would make a simpler way to do this process that doesn’t force you to carry I.D. race day.

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