2018 Balega Impi

January 28, 2018 /
Updated Mar 2, 2020

After almost a year of patiently waiting to see the Balega ambassador application open up it finally did in November. Then mid-January I got the news, I am officially a Balega Impi!

My story with Balega goes back to middle school. My dad, a marathon runner, bought me two pairs of Balega socks. It was a humble beginning, both were mostly white and kind of plain. One had pink coloring around the heel while the other had light blue.

I didn't run much in high school but picked it back up in college. My local Fleet Feet would run promotions where you would get a free pair of socks with a new shoes purchase. That's how I got introduced to Balega's Hidden Comfort sock which to this day is still a favorite for me. The Hidden Comfort socks provide so much cushion but are breathable enough that you don't feel like you are stuck with sweaty feet if you wear them in the summer.

Then the Rocks and Roots race introduced me to other styles of Balega socks. I hadn't branched out much because the Hidden Comfort socks were already so great, but the Blister Resist socks became a favorite for longer distances where I am more blister prone. I've also tried the Enduros and Ultralight.

And then at Honor Run Half I placed in my age group and got a gift certificate which was spent on deep blue Hidden Comfort socks to add to my collection!

I've tried other sock brands here and there but Balega is by far my top pick for running socks. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to be an "Impi" for a brand I love! More to come!