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July 5, 2017 /
Updated Mar 2, 2020

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One thing I've noticed about running gear is that there always seems to be a premium price applied when a piece of gear has lots of reflective material on it. I remember a pair of Nike leggings I wanted to buy that were covered in a reflective pattern. They were definitely practical, but with the price being close to $200 I never bought them.

So here's where Brilliant Reflective comes in! I covered running gear that I already owned in reflective patches. This included race shirts, shorts, running shoes, even my dog's collar!

Brilliant Reflective Stick-On Strips on Dog Collar

There are two options for the type of reflective strip: iron-on and stick-on. The iron-on is ideal for clothing while the stick-on can be applied to everything else! For the stick-on the options are endless. It could work well on dog collars, strollers, bikes, running packs, and much more. Current color options include: black, red, blue, and purple.

The Ironing Process

Since I picked purple strips I rummaged through my running wardrobe to find items of clothing that matched. This is the pile that I came up with:

Brilliant Reflective Iron-On Strips Before Ironing and a Pile of Clothes

I actually don't own an iron or ironing board (thank you 700 sq. ft. apartment), so I borrowed an iron from a friend and used my bed as an ironing board. The directions were easy to follow and recommended putting a paper towel in between the iron and the strip you are placing. After ironing, let cool and peel off the clear plastic strip. I would have missed this if it wasn't for the instructions.

Ironing Brilliant Reflective Iron-On Strips onto Clothes


Brilliant Reflective Iron-On Strips on Several Items of Running Gear

After ironing and sticking to my hearts desire I went forward with testing the product. I have been wearing the clothing with the strips often so everything has gone through several washes. The strips are sticking very well and seem to hold the reflective properties even after numerous washes.

Wearing Brilliant Reflective Stick-On Strips on Running Singlet

Now I'm hoping that Brilliant Reflective comes out with some green strips 😄

Want to Try Some for Yourself?

Use code "BIBRAVE18" to buy one, get one free! Enjoy!

Brilliant Reflective Iron-On and Stick-On Strips in Packaging

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