Picking Wild Black Raspberries

June 15, 2017 /
Updated Mar 2, 2020

This past week I went on a hot run with my 80 pound pup, Viira. High humidity with temps near 80F. It would be a toss up to see how far she'd run as last year she averaged 1-3 miles/day in the summer heat.

The run started and about 2 miles in I was searching for water so she could cool off. To my surprise we found something better than water: wild black raspberries!

Wild Black Raspberries

They looked like raspberries but because they were black I pulled out my phone to determine if they were edible or not. I didn't find anything concrete but I did find this website to test if the berries were edible. Eating wild berries is pretty risky but after following those steps and double checking the berries' characteristics on other websites, I felt confident these would be safe, and they were!

Not Ripe Wild Black Raspberries on Plant Growing
Some Wild Black Raspberries That Aren't Ripe Just Yet

After verifying that the berries were indeed edible, I started picking!

Picked Wild Black Raspberries Holding in Hand

Then I realized my shadow was staring me down.

Viira the Belgian Malinois Wants Black Raspberries

Ok I guess I should share….

Viira the Belgian Malinois Eating Black Raspberries

What a cool random find! I was excited to find this secret spot less than 2 miles from my house in the middle of the city.

Wild Black Raspberries on Plant

Oh… and Viira made it 5 miles in the heat! Must have been the wild black raspberry pit stop!

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