Growing Green Onions from the Grocery Store

June 8, 2017 /
Updated Mar 2, 2020

Plan of Action: Grow free green onions!

Where to Start: I headed to the store and got a pack of 15 or so green onions for $0.99. When I got home I placed all onions in a mug full of water. From here I sat them under a grow light (inside a window sill works too) and simply chopped the tops off when I wanted to cook with one, and placed the root stock back in the water.

Green Onions in Mug with tops cut off
After Cutting Tops Off
Green Onions in Mug with tops cut off again
Sitting in Mug
Green Onions in Mug with new growth
Green Onion New Growth

Next Steps: When you are ready, head outside! I left my onions in the glass of water for several weeks before planting. This seemed to work out ok but after a while noticed their growth was slowing down and figured they needed actual nutrients.

I planted them along the fence at my apartment. The green onions do not seem to be too picky regarding light, soil, or watering outside. Within a short period the small root cuttings regrew their stems time and again!

At first I was doing a good job at eating them as they grew. As time as gone on though they are growing faster than I can handle! It seems as though I will have unlimited green onions through the fall this year!

Green Onions Growing By Fence
Green Onions Growing Outside by Fence (with Compost)

Note: Addtionally I planted two green onion stocks in a pot and kept them indoors. For whatever reason they did not grow well, despite me trying to fertilize them, change the watering routine, and adding mulch. The pot may have been too small but the roots had plenty of room to grow. If anyone has any insight to this I would be interested, although it seems as though the green onions simply did not like being planted in a pot.