2017 Fall/Winter Race Schedule

September 29, 2017 /
Updated Mar 2, 2020

October 7th: Outdoor X 12 Hour Endurance Run

Location: Eastwood MetroPark, Dayton, Ohio

I wanted to do this race last year but it was the weekend of my anniversary and I had to drive to Wisconsin for the weekend. Luckily this year the race weekend was changed to a week later meaning I could sign up guilt free! My A-goal would be to hit 50 miles (my current 50 mile PR is 12:02) but that will be dependent on weather and how I am feeling that morning. I haven’t ran many 50 milers so I think this is doable despite some setbacks in my training over the past few months.

October 15th: Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Originally I was hoping to shoot for a marathon PR at this race, but given a longer than expected recovery time after Canal Corridor 100 and picking up some Russian flu that lasted 3 weeks from my trip to Russia I’ve thrown that out the window. My new plan is to enjoy the course and my first time in Canada during the race (not including a layover in the Toronto airport)! I’ve wanted to run this race for several years now so despite some hiccups in my training cycle I plan to make the best of a great marathon.

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October 21st: Urban Bourbon Half Marathon

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Because this race sounded like way too much fun to pass up. It’s a short drive from Columbus and I plan to make it into a weekend trip. I switched my work schedule around to get the Friday off to make the expo before the Saturday race. Considering that they offer bourbon at the packet pick up I doubt this will be a speedy race for me. I plan to enjoy the novelty and use this as a recovery run after Detroit and motivation to keep my training on track through the season.

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October 29th: Stone Steps 50k

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

In my opinion this is the toughest 50k in Ohio. Some races have difficult aspects such as muddy winter conditions but this course is technical and hard. It was hot last year which made the stairs feel never ending. At least one of the big hills had gummy bears at the top (appropriately names Gummy Bear Hill). Last year I was training in the hills of Cincinnati so it will be interesting this year as there aren’t as many hills in Columbus. Additionally last year I was dealing with a lingering hip stress fracture that made this race not very fun for me. 10/10 don’t do what I do.

November 12th: Honor Run Half Marathon

Location: Florence, Kentucky

I’ll take an easy week the first week of November to have fresh legs going into this race. I’d love to get a decent time here. Also at this race I’ll be running in memory of Todd Werley and 22 Too Many, a veteran and close friend who passed away this past April.

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November 23rd: Flying Feather Four Miler

Location: Dublin, Ohio

This is the last race I’ll be doing as part of the Columbus Run Crew’s race list for 2017. I’ve run this race in the past and although I preferred the Columbus Turkey Trot in Upper Arlington, the Flying Feather is much closer to me now and logistically makes more sense given all the Thanksgiving Day festivities.

December 9th-10th: Brazos Bend 100

Location: Brazos Bend State Park, Texas

I was signed up for the 50, but given the completion of Canal Corridor 100 my confidence was up and I wanted to try another. The course should be flat and the weather should be perfect in late December. But most of all I’m excited to see some alligators but also requiring a pacer so I don’t accidentally wander into the mouth of one during the night. I’m also planning to run with my Knuckle Lights at this 100. I was hoping to at Canal Corridor but they came a few days too late. Considering I have run with headlights in hand at Georgia Death Race and with a phone flashlight in hand at Canal Corridor it will be nice to have a light that’s actually meant to be held in your hand.

December 30th: Jupiter Ridge Sand Spur 50k

Location: Jupiter, Florida

I signed up on a whim thinking there was no way I’d get picked in the lottery. The race is in its inaugural year and has capped the number of runners at 20. Somehow I got in and now I’m traveling to Jupiter for New Years! I don’t have big expectations for this race given how close it is to my 100. The plan is to take time off from Brazos Bend and show up and wing it. Plus, Florida runners keep talking about the different types of sand on this course and as a Midwesterner I have no idea what that means, so I have no idea what I’m in for.