My Burning River Crew Instructions

April 5, 2017 /
Updated Mar 2, 2020

Burning River 2016 was my first 100 attempt. If you want to see how that all turned out go here. Otherwise read on for some mild entertainment. I mixed some of the much longer Official Guide with some of my own instructions to prepare a summary for my crew. P.S. I removed some links and personal info.

Lovely Crew,

This document is solely for my sanity! I’d appreciate if you read over it but don’t take it too seriously! I’m not trying to be some overbearing tyrannical runner but I just don’t want to forgot to do anything important, so I’m highlighting major points just in case I forget to bring them all up before hand. I tried to write a brief version of the important stuff that's in the race guide. That thing’s like 20+ pages. I'm not going to make you read that.

Race Morning

I have to be on a shuttle at 2:15 A.M. The race starts at 4 A.M. I want you guys to all SLEEP IN and have a good breakfast and lunch. I’d like you guys to meet me at the halfway point (Boston Mills A.S.) because I should be able to make it to 50 on my own and it will help me mentally break my race up into 2 parts. I know you might want to come earlier but since we’ll be up all night… don’t bother. If I can’t make it to the halfway point without a crew I’ll be in trouble. The second half is when I’ll be falling apart.

My TENTATIVE plan is to get to the halfway point in about 12 hours. Meet me at 4 P.M. unless I text you otherwise! That’s what I did my 50 in a few weeks ago. Assuming similar weather (no rain and no crazy temps) this should be doable. You can track me using http://LINKREMOVEDBECAUSEIDOUBTITWORKSANYMORE. If I’m not on pace I’m not too concerned about it. We have 30 hours to work with.

I'm not using any drop bags, that's what my car is for :) If I’m going to need something from my car at an aid station we will coordinate the best I can ahead of time by phone, but I may not have service everywhere so we'll play it by ear.

Random Items

I want to put my compression socks on at mile 50 or soon after depending on how hot it is. Also I want to switch to my water belt and ditch my pack when it cools off. If I'm too tired to remember please remind me. Make sure I'm taking salt tabs at aid stations and tailwind or other sports drink when I see you. At night make me drink the caffeine water that will be in my trunk. You guys are welcome to the water or tailwind or anything as long as it's not running low. We'll go to the store to stock up on snacks for you guys. You won't be allowed to eat the stuff at the aid stations unless you're currently pacing me. I know I'll be a little delusional at night so please help me stay on course and not get eaten by an imaginary bear.

Pacer Instructions

Boston Mills 50 to Ledges 66.5 – 16.5 miles

Ledges 66.5 to Pine Hollows I 72.3 – 5.8 miles // Pine Hollows I 72.3 to Pine Hollows II 76.1 – 3.8 miles // Ledges 66.5 to Pine Hollows II 76.1 – 9.6 miles

Pine Hollows II 76.1 to Botzum Parking 92.2 – 16.1 miles

Botzum Parking 92.2 to Memorial Parkway 97.6 – 5.4 miles // Memorial Parkway 97.6 to Finish 102.2 – 4.6 miles // Botzum Parking 92.2 to Finish 102.2 – 10.0 miles

Above are all the crew accessible aid stations and how I thought we could break it up. Ultimately I don't really care, you guys can switch off however you want. I need to keep a 18:37 pace to finish in 30 hours. That means no time for sleep! I would like to keep above this on the second half but again I'm hoping to bank time on the first half so the time won't be an issue. EVERYONE who is not running the last leg will meet me at the start of the last mile to finish with me! Then we drink beer!



I cannot accept any aid from you guys beyond 100 feet of a Crew Access Aid Station. Crews must abide by the instructions of the aid station personnel. Runners are responsible for their crew. Absolutely no littering! You may not stash supplies along the course. Violators will be subject to disqualification. Pacers cannot carry supplies/water bottles for the runner – no muling Only one pacer at a time. A runner may have several pacers, but only one pacer at a time. All pacers will register and sign a waiver at the Aid Station before he/she joins the runner. The only case when multiple pacers are acceptable is at Mile 99 (Front St.). Families and friends are welcome to join runners during mile 99 to the finish. If doing so, please follow the rules of the road. To insure there is sufficient food and beverages for runners, the crew, including children and pets, are asked NOT to eat/drink from the Aid Station supplies.

and most importantly… DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LET ME DROP! Make me keep running no matter what I’m bitching about. This is your most important job. If I’m not feeling well I can walk. If I break a leg I can use sticks or something as crutches. If I’m injured we’ll figure something out as we go. I’ve trained too long and I’d be too ashamed to run ever again if I drop. Plus it'd be super lame for you guys to come all the way out to Ohio and have me not finish. BUT, if I miss a cut off then at least I made it as far as I could. We will try to prevent this through you guys pacing me but that's worst case. (Yes, this is dramatic, be sure to remind me of this if I’m trying to convince you otherwise.)

Mom and stepdad # for medical emergencies


Dad for general updates



Crew Driving Instructions

Race Map (aid stations, cut off times, crew access, elevation profiles)

Burning River Info Guide