How to Write More Content for Your Blog

February 27, 2017 /
Updated Mar 2, 2020

1. Set Aside Time

Everyone is busy. Set aside time to work on your blog. Working on design layout, editing old posts, and writing/publishing new posts all deserve separate blocks of time. Prioritize what aspects are currently most urgent to your blog and work from there. Simply writing more posts when your layout is lackluster will not lead to quality traffic.

2. Brainstorm

This can be done on the go or you can make a specific time devoted to brainstorming. I typically do not set aside time for brainstorming new ideas. Rather, I note when a good idea comes to mind and review my ideas at a later date. Some ways I suggest you do this include:

a. Carrying a notebook

b. Using your phone to write down quick ideas in notes

c. Hang a whiteboard

d. Post-it notes

e. Emails to yourself

f. Trello

3. Look for Outside Help

Sometimes it is hard to think of new ideas. If this is the case start looking for other sources of ideas. Some suggestions include:

a. Watch/read news related to your niche

b. Read similar blogs

c. Engage in discussions

d. Ask friends for ideas

e. Ask your readers

4. Pick a Topic and Start Writing

You don’t have to finish every post that you start. If you are not liking the way a post is heading stop writing, and take a break from the topic. You can come back to the article later, or not… a graveyard of unfinished blog posts is part of the process. It is common for me to be actively working with several blog ideas at one time.

5. Don’t Get Discouraged

It is easy to get discouraged when it feels like no one is reading your posts. You may have a marketing issue (which is a whole different topic). Do not let your current viewership or lack of stop you from putting the time into your blog. This article by New York Times states that 95% blogs are estimated to be abandoned. You will likely not experience overnight success which causes many to give up or move on.

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