List of Potential Cat Names

July 1, 2017 /
Updated Mar 2, 2020

Picture of Rye at Dawg Gone Long Run Race where I rescued her.

After a last minute sign up for the Dawg Gone Long Run, I ended up taking home a malnourished stray cat. Suddenly there was a rush to find names for the new found cat. Given her vet appointments being top priority, it took about 6 days before she had an official name. In the meantime I defaulted to “Kitty,” even though the vet said she is over a year old and not a kitten. I even reached out to friends on social media to get some additional ideas.

Based on the location/finding of the found cat:

  1. Caesar (found at Caesar Creek State Park)
  2. Lucky

Russian theme (due to us thinking cat looked like a Russian blue mix):

  1. Anastasiya
  2. Elza
  3. Haze
  4. Nala
  5. Meisha
  6. Zoya

Animal Theme

  1. Elephant (Ellie for short)
  2. Koala
  3. Hippo
  4. Rhino (Rye for short)

Due to Grey coloring:

  1. Haze
  2. Storm

Greek names (using the name Caesar as inspiration):

  1. Idunn: Goddess of youth and springtime
  2. Leia


  1. Altra/Ultra
  2. Callie
  3. Delilah
  4. Katniss
  5. Kitty (the easy way out)
  6. Kylo
  7. Nip (from Catnip)
  8. Tulip
  9. Twisty
  10. Twix
  11. Pez
  12. Ray/Rey
  13. Ren
  14. Violet

And the winner is….

Rye! Based on Rhino. The background to the name is funny but the nickname is normal enough to work as a cat name.