Bovon Water Straw Product Review

April 10, 2017 /
Updated Mar 2, 2020

Disclaimer: I recieved this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions presented are my own.

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This water straw contains an activated carbon filter and does not use any chemicals. You can drink approximately 1000 liters from this straw.

Bovon Water Straw Packaging

Top of Straw

Bovon Water Straw Packaging Top

Bottom of Straw

Bovon Water Straw Packaging Bottom

Testing with Tap Water

As a control, I first used it to drink some tap water. The product had a chemical taste which was not appealing. After some research I found that this is common for these types of straws. I worked water through the filter until the taste had died down.

Bovon Water Straw Test 1

Next Test, Smoothie…

It was time to move onto something harder. Smoothie anyone? Since I wasn't familiar with the brand I wasn't confidient on how it would fair under this test.

Bovon Water Straw Test 2 Smoothie

I was prepared to ruin this straw in the name of science. The straw had other plans though and saw straight through my doubt.

Bovon Water Straw Test 2 Smoothie Final

Amazingly, only tasteless, pure water was filtered through. I'll be honest that I am impressed.

Next, the filter had to be cleaned after its rough field test. I ran water through the top of the straw, blew into it 3-5 times, and watched as green particles poured out. Then I let it sit in a glass of water. More particles slowly flowed out of the straw and into the cup while it sat about 15 minutes. Then I took the filter out of the water and let it sit overnight to dry out. Once dry, the top and bottom caps were put back one and the straw was stored.

After the initial taste subsided I found myself satisfied with this purchase.

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