June 16, 2019 /
Updated Oct 7, 2019

I have one loving/energic Belgian malinois, who I discovered in Arizona. I got in touch with the lady who found the puppies, who ended up being a concerned neighbor who had the puppies dumped on her property and she raised and bottle-fed them until they became too much for her.

My first cat was found at a ultramarathon (link here to blog post). I came to run a 50km, and upon checking in in the morning saw a skinny cat (who lost clumps of hair anytime you pet her) that I vowed to take if I could find her after the race. Sure enough, over 7 hours later she was still there, mooching snacks off of the other runners. I was initially worried she may be scared of my large dog who had lived with cats in the past. I tried to give her her own seperate room but within 15 minutes she wanted out. So I leashed up my dog for their initial meeting in the living room, so she would be able to see the large dog in the house. Instead of taking her time to settle in, she walked right up to Viira and rubbed up against her legs and then proceeded to curl up and fall asleep.

My third and final companion animal is Gaz (light-heartly nicknamed Gaz the spaz).